A Great Place To Learn!

At Kids World, children learn developmentally appropriate skills through hands-on, open exploration of a child designed environment. We recognize the importance of educating the “whole child” by providing experiences that promote physical development, fine and gross motor skills, language skills, cognitive development, and social emotional development.

A Safe Place To Be!

Our carefully designed, child centered approach helps children feel safe, nurtured, and important. Bonding between children and their caregivers happens naturally through enriched interactions and quality attention to each child’s needs. Our caregivers recognize how important it is for children to have a sense of belonging, a feeling of being loved, and a sense of trust in their environment. Warm and caring relationships with adults provide children with the basis for all types of learning.

A Nurturing Place To Grow!

We believe every child is special and individual and is treated as such. Needs that are met in a secure, consistent environment promote a child’s growth and development and model appropriate behavior and treatment of others. At Kids World Learning Center, each child’s needs are met in a warm, caring, consistent, and safe environment. Staff members at the center recognize that all children develop and grow at different paces and have different learning styles.